Who Is The Modern Man?

The modern man is a curious creature. Caught in a perpetual cycle of faux-masculinity, he marches around desperately trying to be present an exterior facade of toughness. Unfortunately, this causes him to be unnecessarily hostile to himself and those around him. He forsakes the human inclination for compassion and sensitivity, and subsequently disregards his unique nature and creativity.  

Despite the challenges he faces, and the behavior he has become accustomed to, the modern man has great potential for change. He is positioned to be a crucial element in the next phase of human evolution. When the modern man chooses to embrace his capacity for kindness and empathy, the level of interpersonal violence around the world will decrease drastically.

Furthermore, it will allow the modern man to align himself with his true motivations and form a deeper connection with his genuine desires. As a result, he will experience an incredible expansion in his life that will allow him to strengthen his relationships and maximize his potential in life and work.

Soren Rubin