How Can We Inspire Positive Change?

The evolution of the modern man is the foundation of the cultural shift that is taking place, throughout the world. Though many are skeptical and believe the outlook is bleak, historically, crisis has always created opportunity. To inspire positive change, the belief in it must be unwavering. The resistance the modern man is currently facing, both from external sources and within himself, can no longer be a barrier to his expansion. To catalyze social change, the modern man must address both of these hurdles. This includes a commitment to honest personal exploration, and the support of other people and nurturing environments. 

The internal and external factors that affect the modern man’s struggle to evolve, are intertwined. Societal pressures have influenced notions of masculinity. The modern man has felt the need to modify his emotional responses so they are suitable to the existing framework of masculine strength. Unfortunately, this is not advantageous for the modern man or society at large. The unproductive adjustments the modern man has made often materialize in harmful behaviors, such as forceful emotional repression.

When emotions are restrained because they are deemed unacceptable, they crate resistance to change. In the past, these repressed feelings have included sadness, empathy, vulnerability and anxiety. To fit into the socially acceptable structure, these sentiments are discouraged in favor of more common male displays of anger and violence. Though it will be hard to reverse this behavior, it is possible.  The modern man will inspire positive change when he dedicates himself to free emotional expression and seeks the support he needs from his community to accomplish it. He will be met with resistance, but as his endeavor garners support the modern man will be able to contribute to promising social transformation and human evolution.

Soren Rubin