How Do We Catalyze a Change in Direction?

Our community is dedicated to finding creative solutions for complex global issues, and we feel that the environment and its protection are central to the challenges humans face today. Climate change and environmental destruction are currently the greatest threats to people on the planet. Millions of climate change refugees have already been displaced from their homes. The future will bring climate induced disasters, water and food shortages, and conflicts caused by the increased pressure placed on populations. The situation is perilous. Luckily, people are aware.

In the past, a large portion of environmental protection movements have been focused on education. There have been efforts and resources dedicated to informing people about a multitude of issues. Today, in the developed world, people are cognizant of the problems that our species faces. We have passed clean air policies and cleaned up chemical cesspools, but the overarching effect of the educational and bureaucratic approaches have been unsuccessful. The future of environmental stewardship has to be geared toward monetary incentives.

Environmental communities have demonized capitalism, and built a movement battling corporate interests with the hope of ending or reducing destructive practices. At the Modern Man, we believe there is a better way forward. The most creative minds can be incentivized to dedicate their time and resources to sustainable companies. If all costs are externalized, sustainability is not a moral cause, it is a profitable one. The environmental movement of the 21st century cannot be marketed as a movement that counters economic growth and revenue. Instead, it must be marketed as the only business model that truly delivers those results.

Sustainability is the economic future. It will be harder to build a society that cares for planet if there is no financial incentive. We must move away from mutual exclusivity and the notion that fighting corporations with philanthropically funded organizations is the only way to protect the environment. In fact, including profitable returns for shareholders and sustainability in the same breath is a necessity. Opportunities are abundant, and we can demonstrate that environmental stewardship is the best path to economic growth and viable business models.  

Soren Rubin