Can We Re-teach Our Men?

Historically, there has been a biological advantage for tough men. Men who did not demonstrate any external emotional expression were the stalwarts of agrarian society where, despite any hardship, they had to return to the field. Men used their bodies and their physical power to put food on the table, literally. There was a certain toughness that was required, the more so the better. Today, that is not the case. The mind garners power. There is no longer a need for men to maintain their overly tough exterior shell.

Our social structures have evolved dramatically, but we still rely on our archaic behavioral patterns. Modern men are well positioned to make a change. Those who are deemed successful, by popular criteria, are admired and their behavior is emulated. This is a great opportunity. Men who are lucky enough to have additional resources can promote constructive emotional expression, and subsequently serve as examples to educate others.

Though any man can always make an effort to be a more caring and empathetic individual, the channels of social reverence can be used to educate others. If somebody can inspire and teach us to wake up earlier, eat more vegetables and budget our finances, they can teach us to be more compassionate as well. The modern men that have the ability to make these changes can have a great impact. They can demonstrate to other men that we no longer need to be exceedingly tough to acquire the what is socially desirable in the 21st century. Instead, it is their responsibility to be leaders who are powerful and tolerant; formidable and mindful; and most of all kind.  

Soren Rubin