Dreams and Their Significance


Dreams. We all have them. Some of us remember them more than others, but we all have them. Where do they come from and what, if anything, do they mean? I have been dreaming vividly. Not mundane dreams, these have been wild. I woke up shaking. I woke up sweating. I woke up crying. I have been dreaming a lot about my dad. He passed away when I was 20.

There are many interpretations of dreams. Google the events of a dream, and you can find as many different opinions about dreams as grains of sand on the beach. Some people have made a career of studying dreams, and some are simply self-proclaimed experts. For me, my dreams serve as indicators of something which is being processed in my mind.

The sadness and loss after my father died was a mystery to me. My emotional release came in the form of anger and hostility. I would lash out at others, but more commonly myself. In the years that have passed since his death, I have learned some constructive ways to express my feelings, but I will always have work to do.

When I distance myself from the task at hand, I find that my mind devises interesting solutions to inform me. This is where I believe that my dreams play a role. The loss that I experienced come and goes. There are days I feel good, and days I don’t. When my dreams are vivid, and the subject is clear, I am reminded that healing from anything is a long and complicated process. Perhaps, my dreams are a tool my mind uses to guide my thoughts and energy towards matters that need my attention.

Soren RubinComment