Practice is Perfect

It is frustrating to see a social or spiritual leader preaching enlightenment; addressing the world as though they have found some special key to living life. While it can be temporarily inspirational, I often wonder why I haven’t be able to find that unique formula. Why can’t I figure out the means to create a perfect experience as well? They don’t exist.

Life is practiced, and it can never be perfected. The practice itself is what provides fulfillment. The adventure comes with all of the same challenges that accompany any other form of development or training. There are times when I do not succeed. There are times when I make mistakes. It is all part of the process. Every time that I stumble, I am provided with a wonderful opportunity to learn.

The paradox is that there is no secret, and that is the secret. Everything requires practice, and sometimes we make mistakes. The key is to forgive and carry on. If I can make peace with the realization that I will always face hardships, I can view them simply as another part of the adventure of life when they arrive. If I expect there to be some unique ingredient or perfect conditions that will create enduring pleasantry in my life, I will be perpetually let down.

If I can take a deep breath, I remember that there is no perfect solution and everyone is human. Practice, practice and practice some more. Every mistake is a chance to learn, and the ups and downs are a part of every human life. The more I remind myself that nobody has discovered any secret, and we all face unique challenges, the more I can enjoy my own adventure and continue practicing self-improvement.

Soren RubinComment